Eastern Area Health Education Center

Support Healthcare Providers as a Preceptor in eastern NC

At Eastern AHEC, a large part of what we do is feed the pipeline of healthcare providers in our region, then support them throughout the entirety of their career. One of the many ways we accomplish this in Greenville and the surrounding eastern NC counties is as part of our student services.

Resources for Preceptors

In addition to library and information services access, preceptor development and technical support, Eastern AHEC offers a variety of online resources for your benefit. Review our tools listed below to see our approved preceptor training courses, videos and more:

By encouraging growth in all healthcare disciplines, the Greenville precepting program at Eastern AHEC can make a difference in our part of the state. If you are a clinician who would like to learn more information about precepting, or if you would like precepting assistance, please contact our Office of Regional Primary Care Education (ORPCE) at 252.744.3082.

By offering preceptor programs in Greenville, Eastern AHEC works to strengthen the healthcare community throughout eastern NC.