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Child Mental Health for Primary Care

Prior to the pandemic, mental health of children and adolescents was a major public health problem. The pandemic has accelerated rates of anxiety, depression, self-harm, and suicide in a time when access to mental health treatment was already limited. According to the Centers for Disease Control, (Data and Statistics on Children’s Mental Health | CDC) one in five teenagers experience episodes of major depression. During 2020, the proportion of emergency room visits related to children’s mental health increased 31% compared to 2019. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among young people ages 15 to 24. According to the Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research (Sheps Health Workforce NC – Sheps Center (unc.edu)) there are 0.200 child and adolescent psychiatrists per 10,000 population or 215 in the state of North Carolina. As a result, primary care providers are dealing with more children and teens with mental health concerns and will need support to help bridge this gap. The North Carolina AHEC Program provided funding for Eastern AHEC to develop a statewide effort to provide education and resources to primary care providers focusing on screening and management of mental illness in pediatric patients.

Recorded Webinar Series
We have a series of 10 recorded webinars on various child mental health topics such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, and more, all geared towards primary care providers. These webinars are free but do not offer any professional credit. Click here to watch the recordings.

Resource Repository
This online resource provides publicly available screening tools, tips sheets for treating various conditions such as anxiety, depression, and more, across different age groups, and provides additional resources for crisis services, consultation and access, and information and referral. Click here to view these tools.

Research Guide
NC AHEC Library Services has complied all the latest research in one place. Our Director of Library Services, Jeff Coghill is available to offer information systems training and support, as well a technology to primary care providers. Reach out to Jeff at 252.744.2066 Click here to view the research guide.

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Information for the evolving teenagerTM (IUVEOTM )
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For more mental health continuing education and development, please go to our Education Calendar.

For additional information or questions, please email childmh@ecu.edu