Eastern Area Health Education Center

Cutting-Edge Collaborative Healthcare Conference Planning & Management

At Eastern AHEC, we understand that as a healthcare professional, you need ways to learn modern, advanced techniques, methods or information to stay ahead in your field and serve your patients and clients well. Our team hosts a number of healthcare conferences throughout eastern NC as a way for you to network with other professionals, acquire relevant updates and find helpful resources.

Do you want to design your own series of classes tailored to your organization? Eastern AHEC assists many client organizations — hospitals, military bases, public health agencies, behavioral health facilities, medical societies — in custom designing extended series of courses tailored to the needs of your staff.

No matter your discipline, whether mental health, dental health or nursing, Eastern AHEC is here to bridge healthcare and education for providers of all expertise. We plan and manage conferences and programs through collaborative partnerships with experts in healthcare. This ensures that they’re tailored to fit the unique needs of our region. That way, you can be sure to get the exact information you require to succeed.

Plan or Attend a Networking or Continuing Education Conference with Eastern AHEC

The Education Center is here and ready for conferences.

If you need assistance managing a conference, the team at Eastern AHEC has had years of experience, and we’d be happy to help. You can also view our conference management resources for additional information.

Whether you are planning an event or looking for a conference to attend in Greenville or the region, our professionals are at your service. Feel free to contact a specific department or reach out to our main office at 252.744.5221 for more information.

Eastern AHEC strengthens the local healthcare community by offering conference planning and management in Greenville and eastern NC.