Eastern Area Health Education Center

Eastern AHEC: Connecting Healthcare & Education for Our Region

Eastern Area Health Education Center (Eastern AHEC) in Greenville, NC is one of nine centers under the North Carolina AHEC Program (NC AHEC). NC AHEC links the state’s four university health science centers, community hospitals and health agencies. Through state and local funding, this network’s goal is to help attract, retain and maintain high-quality healthcare professionals throughout North Carolina.

With the purpose of strengthening healthcare in eastern NC by nurturing current and future providers, Eastern AHEC serves 23 counties in our region. We strive to be the bridge between healthcare and education in our region by positively influencing health outcomes in the region — and by adhering to our mission statement: “Eastern AHEC is an advanced resource for healthcare providers, from student to expert.”

About Our Area Health Education Center in Greenville, NC

Eastern AHEC is governed by a board of directors that includes representation from regional healthcare institutions, the community and community college system. To maximize our resources, we are associated with East Carolina University (ECU) schools of medicine, nursing and allied health. We also work with the dentistry, pharmacy and public health programs at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH).

Our staff is filled with professionals that are passionate about serving healthcare providers, from students to experts. You can contact a staff member through our directory, or apply to an open position if you would like to work with us at Eastern AHEC.

Our center understands that supporting the pipeline of healthcare professionals and current providers is an effective way to improve healthcare for our entire region. If you are looking for healthcare resources in Greenville or a surrounding area of NC, Eastern AHEC is here to help you find continuing education, conferences, student housing and more. To learn more, view our calendar to see what events are available. Feel free to contact us at 252.744.5221 with your questions.


Eastern AHEC is proud to serve the community of eastern NC through healthcare education in Greenville and the surrounding region.