Eastern Area Health Education Center

Your Medical Training Starts Early with Eastern AHEC

One of the primary ways Eastern AHEC serves our healthcare community is by building a group of future providers that are equipped for their career. As part of our student services, we offer healthcare education resources to middle and high school students in Greenville and throughout eastern NC. That way, we can improve the geographic distribution, retention and quality of healthcare providers throughout the region.

Awareness & Enrichment Programs for K-12 Students

Today, many healthcare disciplines experience a shortage in workforce resources in Greenville and throughout eastern NC. Eastern AHEC participates in several awareness and enrichment programs that are aimed to increase the number and diversity of young students entering the healthcare workforce. Some of these awareness and enrichment programs include:

For more information on pipeline promotion programs for middle and high school students, contact 252.744.5214.

Pre-Professional, Professional & Residency Training

Turn to Eastern AHEC for support and resources when it comes to your healthcare education in Greenville. For more information about how you can start preparing for your future as a healthcare provider, contact our department today.

Eastern AHEC supports the healthcare workforce by providing educational resources for middle and high school students in Greenville and eastern NC.