Eastern Area Health Education Center

Our Calendar Has a New Look!

At the end of January, the Eastern AHEC education calendar changed to a visual course catalog. You’ll still be able to view all of our upcoming continuing education and professional development programs for all disciplines of healthcare, with some differences in how you search and register. Now that the new catalog is live, you’ll need a MyAHEC account to register if you don’t have one already. These changes will help us provide you with a better customer experience in the long run. Please read these answers to frequently asked questions to find out more.

Why did the Eastern AHEC calendar change?
We moved to an interactive visual course catalog in late January to make it easier for you to search and register for the programs you want to attend. We’re joining our fellow AHECs across the state in using the same system so you can find the programs that best fit your needs, no matter where they are offered. The visual course catalog is the first step in a new learning management system that will allow us to offer a wider variety of educational programs and features. While anyone can view the catalog, registration will require a MyAHEC account.

Why do I need a MyAHEC account?
MyAHEC is your portal to continuing professional development programs and other resources across the North Carolina AHEC system. This includes registering for programs on the visual catalog. MyAHEC is a central place where you can get everything you need from the whole AHEC system (instead of having an account with each individual AHEC). You can access your CPD record anytime, search upcoming programs, set your marketing preferences, and update and store your contact information. As we add more features and capabilities, you will be able to access handouts anytime, test your knowledge before the program, watch videos ahead of time, and more!

Someone else usually registers me for programs – do I need a MyAHEC account?
Yes. All program participants will need a MyAHEC account under their own name so they can access course information. We recognize that registering for programs takes time. That’s why MyAHEC stores your information so you can register quickly. No need to retype your information every time! You will also need to use your MyAHEC account to access your record. 

Can I use a generic office email?
No. All MyAHEC accounts must be linked to an individual email that you check regularly, either work or personal. Using a generic office email will prevent you from receiving your evaluations and certificates.

Can I still get a paper registration form?
Eastern AHEC is doing away with paper registration forms to increase our processing speed and monitor program space availability in real time. If you’re trying to register for someone else, please have that person set up their own MyAHEC account. If you need the form for reimbursement after paying out of pocket, the system will email you a detailed personalized receipt within a few minutes.

Can I register without paying and have my employer pay later?
Payment is due upon registration. If you do not wish to pay out of pocket, please contact your employer.

I’m an employer and I’d like to register my employees.
If you are an employer and you want to send participants to a program, please contact us to discuss options.

I can’t remember if I have a MyAHEC account already or not. Or, I can’t remember which email address and password I use.
We can help you with that! It’s important to see if you have an existing account before setting up a new one. Duplicate accounts can cause delays in receiving your certificates and accessing your record. The MyAHEC system offers options for you to retrieve your email and/or password.

I set up an account in the past with an email address I no longer have access to.
No problem. Just log in to MyAHEC using your old email address (which you will not have to check), select the “My Account” tab, then click “Update Email Address” to provide your new email. The system will send an activation link to your new email.

Ok. I need to set up a MyAHEC account!
To do so, just click here.

The MyAHEC system is asking for the last four digits of my social security number to set up a new account. Is this required?
If you do not wish to use the last four digits of your social security number, you can choose any four numbers that you can easily remember to set up a new account. Please be sure that you have not set up an account in the past, as setting up multiple accounts using different numbers will cause issues in accessing your full record.

I still need help.
If you’ve reviewed the questions above and still have not found the answer you’re looking for, please call 252-744-5210 or email easternahec@ecu.edu.