Eastern Area Health Education Center

The NC AHEC Scholars Program

The NC AHEC Scholars Program was developed in 2018 to recruit, train, support and inspire a diverse group of university and community college students from various health care disciplines committed to both community service and the transformation of healthcare.

Selected students will commit to a two-year educational program, which includes 40 hours of didactic and 40 hours of clinical learning each year. Each student may receive a stipend of $1000 per year ($2000 total), subject to academic or institutional approval. The program will begin in September and run through May each year. Students are expected to commit to the entire two-year program.

Students will receive the distinction as an AHEC Scholar, which sets them apart from others in the competitive environment of health care. The experience as an AHEC Scholar will also give students a chance to interact with health care professionals and create an invaluable network for their future careers.  Due to COVID-19, program activities will be a combination of virtual and in person with social distancing as conditions allow.

Eastern AHEC will recruit students from our  23 county service area. We recognize that the healthcare needs of individuals living in eastern North Carolina are unique to other parts of the state. We aim to address those specific needs to improve health and increase quality of life.

Our emphasis will be on recruiting students from underrepresented minorities, disadvantaged/rural backgrounds, and first-generation college families with the primary goal of improving diversity and distribution of all health professions in eastern North Carolina.

Students must be enrolled, full-time, in a health professions degree program including, but not limited to:

  •  Dental hygiene
  •  Dentistry
  •  Health Systems Management
  •  Medicine
  •  Nursing
  •  Nutrition
  •  Occupational Therapy
  •  Physical Therapy
  •  Public Health
  •  Radiography
  •  Respiratory Therapy
  •  Social Work
  •  Speech-Language Pathology

Your certification as an AHEC Community Health Scholar will announce to the world that you have the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to make a difference in health care in North Carolina.

Not sure if you’re eligible?   Click here to take a short three-question NC AHEC Scholars eligibility survey.

The deadline for applications is May 31, 2021. Selected students will be notified of acceptance in July 2021.

NC AHEC Scholars must:

• be enrolled in a college-level health professions education training program in North Carolina by August 31, 2021,
• have reliable access to Wi-Fi,
• have reliable transportation, and
• be eligible to work inside the United States.

Each NC AHEC Scholar must:

• be committed to the program for a total of two years,
• complete 40 hours of didactic training each year of the program, and
• complete 40 hours of experiential training each year of the program.

For more information, please contact Director of Student Services Blair Savoca at savocab19@ecu.edu or 252-744-5214.

Click here to download the application form.

Click here to download the recommendation form.

Completed forms should be emailed to ncahecscholars@ecu.edu by May 31, 2021.

Please download the application/recommendation to your computer first, then save it as you fill it in. Then attach the completed document to your email.

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